Our Origin Story

The (x)Black brand was born of watching the murder of George Floyd. Seeing protestors worldwide marching in the streets, observing major brands pledging billions to the Black community, noticing cities begin to declare racism a public health crisis, and watching professional sports leagues like the NBA take a stand against racism. These activities reflect an inflection point in our society—a point where systemic change is becoming a mainstream priority.

Our R&D Story

Following the murder of George Floyd, we joined forces to create a core team of seasoned changemakers to work toward eliminating systemic racism. Leveraging a combined 20+ years of experience in the public, private, and social sector, we studied economist Dana Peterson’s Closing Racial Inequality Gaps report, which guided our (x)Black brand positioning in the social sector. Our value proposition is centered on building a culture of accountability for changemakers seeking to close racial inequality gaps.

Our Go-To Market

Our DNA is all about taking collective action. So, we partnered with 48in48 to officially bring Atlanta (x)Black to market. Launching during a Social Justice hackathon-style event was in perfect alignment with our brand! Not only did we get a new website built, but we also hosted dynamic speakers like Mawuli Davis, Dana Peterson, and Karen Fleshman.

Core Team

Shaun Evans Core Team Member

Shaun Evans

Amira Ansaar Core Team Member

Amira Ansaar

Dexter Cummings Core Team Member

Dexter Cummings

Tara Evans Core Team Member

Tara Evans

Michele Fino Core Team Member

Michele Fino

Carolina Marcalo Core Team Member

Carolina Marcalo

Black and White Kristian Merenda Core Team Member

Kristian Merenda

Sara Murdock Core Team Member

Sara Murdock

Kerri OConnor Core Team Member

Keri O'Connor

Sarquis Parker Core Team Member

Sarquis Parker

Cazzie Williams Core Team Members

Cazzie Williams

Mandy Williams Core Team Member

Mandy Wiliams