State of Atlanta's Black Community

Since 1619, Black communities across the United States have grown to 46 million residents, 31 million professionals, 2 million businesses, and thousands of neighborhoods. Today, metro-Atlanta has over 1.9 million Blacks and they have various states ranging from: success, advancement, transition and oppression. Due to these different states, we need to have a comprehensive approach to reaching them and engaging them with changemakers.


Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy is to introduce a report called the State of the Black Community (Atlanta Edition). In this report, we will work with renowned economist Dana Peterson to quantify the cost of racism in Atlanta and identify racial inequality gaps that we need to close between Blacks and Whites. Our report will highlight how closing these gaps will not only improve the Black lives but also increase Atlanta’s GDP. This report will guide local changemakers across the private, social and public sector on how to empower Blackness by leveraging the voices of Black Creators.  

Stay tuned for the State of the Black Community - Atlanta Edition!